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The research activities of the Applied Mineralogy and Economic Geology Research Group focus on quantitative understanding of the geochemical processes of crustal fluid flow and fluid-rock interaction, and their impact on formation of world-class hydrothermal metal ore deposits, the metamorphic evolution of orogenic belts, and the formation of shallow-crustal level igneous intrusions.
This research combines quantitative field studies with state-of-the-art microanalytical methods such as fluid inclusion analysis and major and trace element analysis of minerals, numerical modeling of geochemical reactions and fluid flow, and experimental studies of metal solubility and complexation in hydrothermal fluids.

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The project (formal title: Reactive Transport Modelling of Ore Formation in Sedimentary Basins) will quantitatively address the formation of sediment-hosted lead-zinc ore deposits by building and applying the next-generation reactive transport model for hydrothermal processes in sedimentary basins. The coupled reactive transport model will use the geochemical model GEMS3 and the fluid flow model CSMP++.
The project at RWTH Aachen University is part of a joint project with the fluid flow modeling group of Philipp Weis at GFZ Potsdam. This will result in extensive collaboration between both groups and the PhD student at RWTH Aachen will work very closely with a partner PhD student at GFZ Potsdam.
The work package at RWTH Aachen will involve 1) compiling the thermodynamic databases, 2) collecting the relevant ore fluid chemistry and whole rock compositional data, 3) performing initial geochemical modeling, and 4) performing part of the reactive transport modeling jointly with the PhD student at GFZ Potsdam. The results will be jointly presented at international conferences and published in leading international peer-reviewed journals.
The project involves collaboration with GFZ Potsdam, Paul Scherrer Institut (Switzerland) and ETH Zürich (Switzerland). Reflecting the close collboration with the partner group at GFZ Potsdam, Philipp Weis will participate in the interviews of the most promising candidates for this PhD position. The project is part of the DFG priority program "Dynamics of Ore Metals Enrichment - DOME".

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Potential candidates should have a University degree (Master or equivalent) and a solid background in geochemistry, economic geology and geochemical thermodynamics, and a considerable interest in computer modeling of ore-forming hydrothermal processes. They should have an excellent level of written and spoken English. The project offers research in an exciting international environment and training in state-of-the-art computational geochemical and reactive transport techniques.


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The successful candidate will be employed under a regular employment contract.
The position is to be filled by 3/1/2024 and offered for a fixed term for 3 years.
The fixed-term employment is possible as it constitutes one of the fixed-term options of the Wissenschaftszeitvertragsgesetz (German Act on Fixed-term Scientific Contracts).
This is a part-time position (75 % of the standard weekly hours for full-time employees).
The successful candidate has the opportunity to pursue a doctoral degree in this position.
The salary is based on the German public service salary scale (TV-L).
The position corresponds to a pay grade of EG 13 TV-L.

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EG 13 TV-L


Land Nordrhein-Westfalen

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Herr Thomas Wagner

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Gehaltsinformation TV-L E 13
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